The Cold Extraction patented method maintains the bioavailability and bioactivity of Omega 3.
Active Omega 3 Cold Extracted

The Company

Epadhax S.L.U., with offices in Boiro, A Coruña (Spain), commercializes a line of food supplements based on “ACTIVE OMEGA 3”.

Due to a very high level of research and development of its production techniques this company has placed in the market the only active Omega 3 food supplement, based on a cold extraction technique, with the ensuing advantages for the consumers’ health and that of its environment.

The two most important and differentiating attributes come, in one hand, from the use of high quality prime materials, certified for human consumption and following the highest levels of quality control, maintaining the natural bioavailability to complete the diet with all the safety and security guarantees. The other differentiating value is the sustainability of the product, not using high temperatures (distillation) or chemical solvents. In addition, in line with the naturalness and purity of its production, the base project has been modified to achieve negligible contaminating emissions. This makes the environmental consciousness and responsibility of the company, along with its social one, the motto of the company.